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The Importance of Downtime

By Demethius J – Obsessed With Progress   You should take a break… Seriously. As good as being productive feels, too much of a good thing can ultimately be a bad thing. The lives we live every day are tremendously demanding. Constantly, we are pulled

How to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: 3 Helpful Habits

By Henrik Edberg – The Positivity Blog People often get stuck in mostly discussing or reading about making positive changes. Instead of spending that time and effort on actually making the changes they want in life. Why? One big reason in my experience is

3 Strategies for Quieting Naysayers

By Susan Gonzalez – Author of  “100 Perks of Having Cancer Plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It” Obsessed With Progress – Featured Guest!   Congratulations! You’ve hatched an idea that you know will make you successful and happy and you can’t wait to get started.  You’ve

How Repetition Can Kickstart a Habit

By Leo Babauta – ZenHabits   I sometime get accused, by readers who have been reading me for awhile, of repetition. I repeat concepts when it comes to habits, simplicity, mindfulness.   Well, sure. My most basic principles are repeated often on this blog: start small,