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5 Ridiculously Simple Protein Shake Pancakes Recipes

Have you ever heard of protein shake pancakes? I hadn’t until recently. Regardless if you’re looking to burn fat or build mass, protein supplements are known to help you achieve faster results. Breakfast is an important part of any fitness regime. And you need that fuel if

Star Trek: Jean-Luc Picard – Hero or Hypocrite?

Are you excited about Star Trek Beyond? What about the franchise’s upcoming return to television? I know I am! In anticipation of these monumental Trekkie events, I aggressively ironed on the Starfleet Insignia to the tightest v-neck t shirt I could find at Walmart, and then

Nintendo Games, Awareness, and the True Self

The other night, I decided to re-connect the old Super Nintendo that’s been buried in my closet for the last 20 years. I connected it to my oversize 70” flat screen television, which the game system was never designed for. Then, I took a slightly pixelated trip