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Working Through Depression

By Terry Irving – Author of  “Courier” Obsessed With Progress – Featured Guest!   There is nothing like the act of writing to bring on a depressive episode. You’re all by yourself, largely cut off from the people you depend on for support. You’re taking an enormous chance

The Importance of Downtime

By Demethius J – Obsessed With Progress   You should take a break… Seriously. As good as being productive feels, too much of a good thing can ultimately be a bad thing. The lives we live every day are tremendously demanding. Constantly, we are pulled

Busy? Save TIME With These 5 Free Smartphone Apps!

By Demethius Jackson – Obsessed With Progress Everyone wishes they had more time. But how do you squeeze extra hours into an already jampacked day? If only there was a way to maximize your hours. Hmmmmm…   I recently read an article on the Internet

Stateless Mindset

By Leo Babauta – ZenHabits   In programming, there is the concept of statelessness. It means that each request is treated anew, without memory of previous requests.   This is extremely limiting in some ways, but in another way it’s a great way to deal with a