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It’s Time To Explore Virtual Reality Careers!

After Facebook purchased Oculus, the lightbulb went off in my head… it was time to start looking into virtual reality careers. Although I had no experience in augmented or virtual reality concepts, I soon discovered that it really didn’t matter as long as I was

Mint Makes Money Management M…Easy!

Obsessed With Progress Cool Tools! Sometimes numbers are scary, keeping a monthly budget is hard, and I don’t wanna deal with it. But I have to. Because I’m an adult. And I’m supposed to be responsible, at the very least, just for myself. But with all

We’re Half-Way Through The 52 Week Money Challenge!

By Demethius J – Obsessed With Progress     Back in January, I wrote about a money-saving concept that had been floating around the internet.  It’s called the 52 week money challenge. The idea was rather simple: set aside a dollar equal the current week of the