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How to Plan Your Work, and Work your Plan!

By Demethius J – Obsessed With Progress   Thinking up new ideas is exciting! How many hours have you spent daydreaming, or obsessing over the details of a new project? How long did you spend designing that new service, website, device, or app? You’ve thought about everything

The 1 Email Successful People Never Send

By  Alexis Kleinman  – The Huffington Post   Want to get ahead? Emulate the super-successful and never send a long email. Steve Jobs was a well-known sender of short emails. The Apple co-founder’s email address was public for much of his time as Apple’s

There Is No Door: Reflections on Rejection

By Andrew Mozina – Author of  “Quality Snacks” Obsessed With Progress – Featured Guest!   As a writer, I’m tempted to say that I’ve been rejected more times than I can count, but that’s not true, because I have kept count. I mainly write short stories and

Goodbye Routine, Hello Productivity

By Annabel Hertz – Author of  “Seeing Green” Obsessed With Progress – Featured Guest!   When I started writing fiction, I attended writer’s conferences—and the wisdom most consistently offered by the successful was, “you must establish a routine,” and “every writer works differently.” I would nod and think: