Evolve Your Childhood Dream

Childhood Dreams By Demethius Jackson - Obsessed With Progress   It’s important to have dreams, especially as children. It’s one of the first steps of learning who we are, and who we one day hope to become. Ask any child what they want to be when they grow up, and they’ll respond to your question enthusiastically. They don’t know the meaning of “can’t”, and there are no doubts in their minds regarding their future success.   Now granted, perhaps a child’s excitement is partially due to naivety. Life hasn’t beaten them down yet like it has many adults, and they don’t yet know the restrictions of the real world. But as children mature, shouldn’t their ambitions also?  Unfortunately in many cases they don’t, and adolescent ideas remain unchanged well into adulthood.   Think about it.   How many people do you know that have held the same big dreams every year, yet have never developed a practical plan for achieving them?  One day, they’re going to be a pro-athlete, or a singer, or an entrepreneur… and yes, one day they certainly could if they’d start by creating a few attainable goals that can push them towards that direction.   On the other hand and unfortunate still, are the people who over the years have abandon their dreams altogether. After confronting so many struggles, enduring so many scars, they’ve lost that childhood enthusiasm and formed negative ideas about their abilities and their selves.   Sure, life is filled with constant changes and challenges, and those who pursue their dreams… or anything, often meet resistance. But this is not a bad thing. Resistance is strength building.  In fact, think of resistance-strength training at the gym.  After a muscle is worn down from physical exertion, it heals stronger than before.  Just as in life, learning to endure strengthens your character and your will.   Any transformation can be extremely difficult. But this is how humans evolve.  Strengthening and evolving our bodies and minds are what humans are supposed to do.  Therefore, why not also evolve our childhood dreams?   There’s nothing wrong with holding on to the desires we cherished in our youth.  But at some point, we have to apply an adult rationale to our childhood dreams.  If they are to indeed become reality, they’ll have to be fostered with what we’ve learned about the functioning world.  Otherwise, they may remain stagnant, or they may not survive at all.   Don’t allow life’s challenges to kill your dream.   You say the world won’t give you a chance? The world doesn’t give anyone a chance. You must take it! You say you don’t have the resources? Many successful people were not born into wealth. Yet they learned how to use their natural abilities to find the resources they required. This is not easy, and to do so requires much strength. However, you gain that strength by surviving your struggles; by overcoming your challenges; by recovering from your defeats.   Consider the adversities we face growing up as opportunities to evolve. Don’t take temporary defeat as an excuse to become emotionally hardened by life, or you risk becoming disconnected from the living source within your soul. Remember that no matter how old you are, the child you once were still lives within you, and still believes that you can accomplish anything! Therefore, learn from your experiences. Take what you know about life and evolve your childhood dream. Find a practical way to make it happen, and then focus your mind and all of your energy into achieving it.

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