Mint Makes Money Management M…Easy!

Obsessed With Progress Cool Tools! Sometimes numbers are scary, keeping a monthly budget is hard, and I don't wanna deal with it. But I have to. Because I'm an adult. And I'm supposed to be responsible, at the very least, just for myself. But with all the things we adults have to juggle in our day-to-day lives, occasionally something gets dropped. For me, it's usually a bill or two. It's not intentional. It just works out that way. I've tried the set-it-and-forget-it approach by creating auto-payments with the numerous services I pay for. But it becomes a problem when a service overcharges me (which happens often), and I then have to go back months at a time to find the discrepancy because I wasn't paying attention. That blows. And just as I was accepting that burdensome reality and just another grown-up duty, I discovered this cool app by Intuit called Mint Personal Finance. Mint Finance App Mint is available FREE on iOS and Droid mobile devices, and has made money management easy. That's a win-win for me! After taking a few minutes to create an account and input my banking info, the app automatically organized my monthly transactions into budget items such as gas, groceries, entertainment, etc, thus illustrating my entire financial picture using a series of easy to follow charts and graphs. I was then able to click on those budget items and further customize them by name and dollar limit.  At a glance during any point of the month, I now know what's coming in and what's going out of my account, and the app Alerts remind me of when an auto-payment is being made. In other words, Mint is the Finance Manager I've always wanted!   The following are a couple of generic app screenshots:   Mint Finance App Screen Shots   Additionally, here is a a Youtube video tutorial that was very helpful with explaining the overall program and it's features: Mint Overview Video In summary, I'm not going to rate Mint on a scale from 1-5 stars. I'm just going to say USE IT!  

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