Busy? Save TIME With These 5 Free Smartphone Apps!

Save Time With Smart Technology
By Demethius Jackson - Obsessed With Progress
Everyone wishes they had more time. But how do you squeeze extra hours into an already jampacked day? If only there was a way to maximize your hours. Hmmmmm...
I recently read an article on the Internet by  stating that, "The Smartphone Has Effectively Replaced All The Technology Offered In This 1991 Radio Shack Ad."
Being such an avid consumer of technology, this title should not have surprised me. But it did. Sometimes I forget how rapidly life is evolving. Every year, technology becomes more advanced and smaller. For example, this:
Technology Advancement - Hard Drive
and this:
Technology Advancement - Laptops and Mobile Devices
Nowadays, there's not much you can't do from the palm of your hand... No pun intended. 10 years ago, I used to pay $40/hour to record music in a studio. Today, I just use GarageBand on my iPhone. 
With such smart technology comes smarter opportunities to save time. And if you're as obsessed with progress as I am, saving time is big! The following are five free apps that I use every day to make my life easier:
mapquest app
How many hours a day do you spend stuck in traffic? Wouldn't it be nice to already know were traffic is before you leave out, so you can avoid it? With the MapQuest app, you can! This is an app I use faithfully. It's free GPS. Clear roads appear in green. Traffic jams are indicated in red. This allows me to plan the routes to my destination and save as much time on the road as possible. This feature has also been added to iOS 7 Maps.
dragon dictation app 
For anyone who writes or regularly types memos, a dictation app is the way to go. Apps like Dragon Dictation allowed me to complete this entry waaaaay quicker than had I manually type it. This is a technology that is rapidly evolving. It's becoming easier to create grocery lists, write and send emails, and leave comments on social media. I can even multitask by speaking my notes while simultaneously researching projects. Point blank, the less time I spend typing, the more time I have for other things.
dropbox app
Instead of wasting time transferring the same document or photo to multiple computers and mobile devices, I now simply place it in a Dropbox folder. The file will then automatically appear on every device that I've installed the app on. I no longer have to waste time trying to remember which device I saved what file to, or which folder it was placed in. This is particularly discouraging when my computer's search feature fails. But with dropbox, my files are always in the same place no matter what device I choose to carry. This is also a great alternative for people who don't use iCloud or SkyDrive.
Reminders app
I can't imagine how chaotic my life would be without this app. Reminders, is much more than a simple to-do list. Not only can I schedule tasks for a particular date and time, I can also attach tasks to specific locations. So when I arrive at my destination, I receive a pop-up reminder. BRILLIANT! This app keeps me focused on all the important things I need to do each day, and it prevents me from getting distracted by lower priority agenda items.
iphone stopwatch app
It's not just about the fastest time anymore. Any stopwatch app can be an effective tool for timekeeping. To prevent myself from getting lost for hours in personal emails and social media, I allot myself a specific amount of time, and I use this app to stick with it! Making every minute count is almost like a game to me. It's amazing how much you can accomplish in 15 minutes, when you've only got 15 minutes to do it.
There are millions of apps available for iPhone, Droid, and Windows mobile devices. Which means that there are millions of alternatives for the five apps I've mentioned above. The lesson here is to find apps you're comfortable with and use them to maximize your efforts. Between juggling work, family, and friends, time is too valuable to waste.

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